Pony Wars

Wars may be fought by people, but they are waged by nations. In these chapters are brief descriptions of the various countries and organizations involved in the Pony Wars.

These places and peoples are varied and complex, some following religious cults and some democratic ideals, some value wealth while others just want a homeland of their own. From the wave-wracked islands of the Hives to the frigid peaks of the Wyvernspine mountains, from the plains and forests of the Lumahina to the vast cities of the Sunbound, these are places the Ponies and other races call home. Some are wonderful, some harsh, all are about to be plunged into the largest conflict their world has ever known.

What follows is not a traditional narrative, but there is a story to be told. It is intended as a primer for those who wish to create their own stories set within the Pony Wars setting. Those who do should submit their stories to the Pony Wars CCG group. The authors of stories the creators like most may be invited to help create a card based on that story.

Each chapter will cover one culture, nation, or significant location.

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