Pony Wars

Two great nations stand at the brink of all out war. Queen Solarflare of the Sunbound Kingdom readies her armies against Princess Midnight and the Lumahina Empire. Both believe the other has betrayed the peace during an attack at a diplomatic Conclave that saw the death of the previous King of the Sunbound Kingdom. Only the sudden appearance of an arcane barrier between the two delays the fighting; filling the Twilight Lands with magical mists, illusions, and monsters. Although the barrier prevents the worst of the fighting, for now, both sides are still preparing for the outbreak of the largest conflict history has seen since the collapse of the first Alicorn age.

But not all is what it seems. A mysterious figure long thought as only a myth has re-appeared, and is manipulating events towards some unknown end. Only a handful of individuals even know this Calamity exists. As they struggle to understand where he came from and what his goals are, the political situation is changing everywhere. The Kirin debate among themselves what to do, much of their territory are within the now-enchanted Twilight Lands. The Changeling guilds are terrified of being caught between opposing forces, they cannot hope to win a conventional war on their own; even with Griffon allies either major nations could easily crush them. On the fringes of civilization Dragons have being seen moving towards Pony lands.

A Princess accused of dark magic, and exiled by her sister. A Pegasus striving for racial equality in a society that worships magical power. A noble Pony knight trying to protect a civilian population forgotten and overlooked by immortal masters. An Alicorn trying to prevent a prophesied catastrophe. A Griffon searching for his adopted Changeling father. A brilliant strategist watching her elder sister be consumed by unstable emotions and nearly unlimited power. The Magical Nexus of powers create new Alicorns, destabilizing an already tense situation. All these stories and more play out among an age of conflict and war.

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